E-Design Questionnaire

Please list which room(s) are involved in this project. If more than one room, please be sure to list how many and which they are.

Please indicate whether or not you would like to make any renovations to the existing room(s). For this purpose, renovation could include structural changes such as removing walls; electrical or plumbing changes like relocating a fixture.

Please note: for e-design projects, we can only suggest the renovation work we feel would improve your space. Since the design implementation is under your instruction, it would be your responsibility to hire and manage contractors yourself.

We ask that you provide a budget so when selecting Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment, we can determine which suppliers to source from, giving you a design pack which can be implemented straight away. Please allow for the following costs within your budget: all furnishings, fixtures, finishes and lighting.

At Novaco Design, we love to understand what our client wants from the design of the space(s). Tell us your main design goals. If you would like to upload design inspiration images of interiors you love, this will help us get a clearer understanding of your design style.

How would you describe your design style, or desired design style for the interior(s)? What is the aesthetic you wish to achieve in the room?

Tell us how you use the space(s) and/or any special requirements you have for the space(s).

Since we source design products for our e-design clients entirely at online retailers (for your ease of purchase), please tell us if there are any shops/stores you absolutely love for furniture and decor and we’ll be sure to start there first!

Please provide a list of any items of furniture that you want to remain in the design of your space(s). Please also provide pictures and dimensions of these, as we will work these into the scheme.

We understand that homes are personal spaces, therefore please ensure to tell us of any major dislikes. Things that you wouldn’t want to see within the design of your interior(s).

We ask you to upload an image of a sketched floor plan with the room dimensions & ceiling heights, please also indicate where existing doors, radiators, sockets and switches are located. This allows us to make sure the items we are specifying will work within the space.

Please upload photographs of your room, items to remain, floor plans and any interior inspiration. Please label your images with your name.

Thank you! Your submission has been received!
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