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Who We Are

Novaco Design is an Interior Architecture and Design practice that creates spaces which are both functional and beautiful. We are a multi-discipline design agency creating and curating spaces which are a reflection of the brand and client.

We look at space planning to improve the flow of the interior as well as designing bespoke joinery and lighting, selecting fixtures and fittings, sourcing furniture and soft furnishings to create an interior which is functional, bespoke, beautiful and designed with you in mind. 

Our interiors are designed as well as curated to bring you an interior which is individual to you.

Emily O'Brien

Founder & Lead Designer

Emily O'Brien is the founder and creative force behind Novaco Design, a full-service interior design firm based in Dorset, UK. Emily has always had a passion for design, and this led her to pursue a degree in Interior Design from Falmouth University in 2011.

After graduating in 2014, Emily began her career in London working for a prestigious interior design studio where she gained valuable experience working on high-end residential projects for clients such as Ellie Goulding. She then moved back to Dorset and worked for a food and beverage design agency, where she honed her skills in creating concepts and design packs for London-based food and beverage chains, including Pret a Manger and Hotel Chocolat.
Emily's career then took her to the midlands, where she spent several years working on both high-end residential and retail projects. She was responsible for producing design schemes, tender drawings, schedules, decorative schemes, FF&E packs and managed multi-million-pound projects. Her portfolio includes work on residential projects as well as retail furniture stores such as DFS, Benson's for Beds, Glasswells and Carl Hanson, where she produced concepts and drawing packs.

Throughout her career, Emily has developed a keen eye for detail, a deep understanding of design principles, and a strong work ethic. She is dedicated to providing her clients with beautiful and functional spaces that meet their specific needs and exceed their expectations.

In 2020, the idea of Novaco Design was born with the goal of providing high-quality interior design services to clients in the UK and beyond. With a focus on creating beautiful and inspiring spaces which reflected the person or the brand. Novaco Design is committed to delivering exceptional design solutions that enhance the lives of their clients.

What We Do

Novaco Design, works across multiple sectors from residential through to retail and commercial environments. Our team is experienced in high end residential, retail, food and beverage sectors allowing us to create a multi disciplined design studio. We work closely with contractors to ensure our designs are implemented to a high standard.

Residential Design

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Residential interiors

We curate our residential interiors to suit you. Our full design package is available to bring your project to fruition and can be tailored to suit the needs of the project. From initial concept phase, through to final styling, we cover all aspects of the design process to allow for a comprehensively finished interior.

We love getting to know each of our clients so that their personalities can be reflected within their home. We provide a tailored approach to allow for individuality within our interiors to shine through and to form practical and beautiful spaces for everyday living.

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Retail Design Environments

Novaco Design is a leading provider of retail environment design services, specialising in creating innovative and engaging spaces that capture the attention of shoppers and drive sales.

Whether you're looking to redesign an existing store or launch a new retail concept, Novaco Design has the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life. We specialise in creating retail environments which allow customers to interact with your brand. We look at this from the consumer's journey and we create meaningful and inspirational experiences for them within the retail environment.

Food And Beverage Design

At Novaco Design we create dining experiences like no other. We understand that successful food and beverage design is about more than just creating a beautiful space. It's about understanding your brand, your menu, and your target audience. We work with you and take your brand story and echo this through the design, to create engaging and meaningful interiors which stand out. We aim to capture and enhance the essence of your brand allowing for a design that enhances your customer's overall dining experience.

We offer a range of food and beverage design services to meet the needs of our clients, including space planning, kitchen design, furniture selection, lighting design, and branding. Whether you're looking to create a new restaurant concept or redesign an existing space, we have the expertise and resources to deliver exceptional results.
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